Longtime Nantucket Captain Pete Kaizer, a former commercial fisherman turned charter boat captain, has worked on the waters around Nantucket for more than four decades! if you would like to book your fishing trip or have question about our fishingcharter services,
call at 508-325-2167 and Captain Pete Kaizer will gladly assist you.

“A great trip with some great catches back in June! Perfect for a family day out! Looking forward to the next excursions”


“Great day at sea with Captian Pete and Scott. Got us right on the fish quickly. Caught some fluke and black bass then it was off to hit stripers. Probably caught 30+ stripers and limited out. The boat is very nice and the crew was great, talkative and always helping to make us better fisherman.”


“I have been a decade-long client of Captain Pete. He has created so many great memories for my family and I with Tuna, Sharks, Whale Watching, and of course Striped Bass, Black Sea Bass, Haddock and Cod. So not only produces results but also a fantastic person and the first mates are always awesome as well. BOOK YOUR TRIP NOW!”


“We’ve fished with Captain Pete many times through the years and always have a blast. I enjoy just being out on the water and my husband loves the great fishing! We’ve never gone that we didn’t catch a variety of good fish. Pete always makes our trip fun and memorable. Will definitely book a fishing trip every time we visit Nantucket. We also always stay at Pete and his wife, Thea’s Inn (Brant Point Inn), love it too!”


“We took a long ride out to find the stripers but boy when we got there did they show up! Pete, the skipper is really experienced and great company. We had 10+ striped bass up to c.25lb and finished the day off with some fun fluke fishing. An amazing charter that I will never forget.”


“Capt Pete is the best of the best. 10 yrs in a row the service and fishing was excellent. His family owns the Brant point inn on North Beach St. If your need a place to stay call Thea his wife and let her know you are fishing with Pete. She will make sure you get the best accommodations.”