Althea K Sportfishing Nantucket Charters


Capt. Pete is one of the most seasoned fisherman, divers and charter boat captains on Nantucket. When you hire Pete, you get a Captain with 48 years of experience working the rich waters that surround the island. He arrived here in 1973 and began recreational fishing right away. In 1976 Pete began commercial fishing from shore and from boat along with commercial diving for scallops. In 1980, Pete acquired his faithful boat the Althea K and became a full-time commercial fisherman, scuba diving instructor and marine salvager with his best Friend Phil Osley.

In the early 80’s Pete also married his lovely wife Thea, a Nantucket native, had a daughter and son, Katie and PJ, and built their other business, two classic Nantucket inn’s, The Brant Point Inn and The Atlantic Mainstay, which they operate as a family to this day. From 1981 to 1997 Pete was consistently regarded as one of the top commercial bluefin tuna fisherman on the entire East Coast, working the waters from New Jersey to Canada in search of offshore giants that could sometimes tip the scales at over a 1000 pounds. At the height of the market in the early 1990’s Japan’s top tuna buyers rolled out the red carpet for Pete, his buyer and their wives because his fish consistently fetched top dollar in the world’s largest international fish market. Pete was also an avid Pilot running spotter planes in search of offshore bluefin schools.

In the late 90’s the commercial market for tuna waned significantly, and prices saw a steep decline. Pete strategically shifted, over time, from the commercial arena to chartering clients. Pete knows where the fish are. He’s on the water day in and day out throughout the entire season, and his depth of knowledge accumulated over decades combined with his feel for daily conditions gives his clients the peace of mind that they will find the fish.

In addition to all of his experience, Pete is also a great advocate for protecting the waters he loves so much for generations to come. He is an active member of many state and federal fisheries committees and fights hard to keep Nantucket’s marine environment preserved and pristine.

So hop aboard, throw on some great tunes, listen to some tall tales and get ready for an adventure…Remember…fishing is fun, but catching is better!