Althea K Sportfishing Nantucket Charters

The Trips

On the Althea K. every trip is a custom experience that leaves you with lifelong memories. When you talk with Capt. Pete he’s happy to hear about your interests and give you details about the different options available. Whether you are looking to catch giant fish, spend quality time on the water with your family or go whale watching. Every trip is an action-packed adventure. Nantucket is a seasonal fishery with many options for trip types and gamefish species available from Springtime through the Fall. Captain Pete and his mate are expert in all gear types and fishing styles but specialize in actively casting and jigging for their fish. They welcome all experience levels from beginner to expert, and if you have any questions or skills you want to work on in particular Pete and his mate are great teachers as well.

Departure times and other details vary depending on tides, weather and time of year. With Pete’s lifetime of experience on Nantucket’s waters he’ll use his expertise to craft a plan that will meet and exceed your expectations.

The rich local waters surrounding the island are also full of amazing sights and surprises. In addition to fishing, there is always a chance of seeing seals, whales, ocean sunfish and sharks, every trip is an adventure!


This a great option for families with little kids, those that prefer to stay inshore or anyone who is new to the sport. A great way to get your feet wet, catch fish and take in the amazing coastlines of Nantucket from the outside of Coatue, round Great Point and near shore on the eastern side of the island. Bluefish, Stripped Bass, Fluke and Black Seabass are often caught on these trips! 3 hour trips are only available when tides and schedule permit.


This 5-hour trip gives you a bit more time on the water and allows us to fish different locations. Depending on conditions we may venture further offshore on these trips and possibly into the rips off the east side of the island. Few people know these waters better than Capt. Pete. Quality Stripped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke and Black Seabass are often caught on these trips throughout the season, and in the late summer and fall you can have great action on Atlantic Bonito and False Albacore.


A great option for those who are ready for an offshore adventure. Here we see bigger fish and a wider variety of species. For over thirty years Capt. Pete has been highly regarded as one of the best commercial and recreational giant Bluefin Tuna fishermen on the East Coast. Booking an offshore tuna trip with Capt. Pete is an opportunity to see a true expert in action. Other offshore targets include Sharks, Cod Fish and Mahi Mahi. As an added bonus, on these trips we often encounter pods of whales and dolphins which make for amazing marine wildlife viewing.

What to Bring

  • Good Vibes
  • Food, snacks, water and beverages
    **Beer is ok but cocktails/mixed drinks are better enjoyed once you are back ashore
    celebrating the great day you had.
  • Hats and Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Motion Sickness medication if applicable
  • Camera
  • Layers as the weather around Nantucket can change on a dime.
  • Mate’s Gratuity
  • It’s customary aboard the Althea K. to tip the mate 15-20%.

“A great trip with some great catches back in June! Perfect for a family day out! Looking forward to the next excursions”


“Great day at sea with Captian Pete and Scott. Got us right on the fish quickly. Caught some fluke and black bass then it was off to hit stripers. Probably caught 30+ stripers and limited out. The boat is very nice and the crew was great, talkative and always helping to make us better fisherman.”


“I have been a decade-long client of Captain Pete. He has created so many great memories for my family and I with Tuna, Sharks, Whale Watching, and of course Striped Bass, Black Sea Bass, Haddock and Cod. So not only produces results but also a fantastic person and the first mates are always awesome as well. BOOK YOUR TRIP NOW!”


“We’ve fished with Captain Pete many times through the years and always have a blast. I enjoy just being out on the water and my husband loves the great fishing! We’ve never gone that we didn’t catch a variety of good fish. Pete always makes our trip fun and memorable. Will definitely book a fishing trip every time we visit Nantucket. We also always stay at Pete and his wife, Thea’s Inn (Brant Point Inn), love it too!”


“We took a long ride out to find the stripers but boy when we got there did they show up! Pete, the skipper is really experienced and great company. We had 10+ striped bass up to c.25lb and finished the day off with some fun fluke fishing. An amazing charter that I will never forget.”


“Capt Pete is the best of the best. 10 yrs in a row the service and fishing was excellent. His family owns the Brant point inn on North Beach St. If your need a place to stay call Thea his wife and let her know you are fishing with Pete. She will make sure you get the best accommodations.”